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Online English Teacher (TEFL), native speaker from Oxford, England

With over 25 years experience in Business and I.T. I now use my knowledge to teach Business English online using Skype or Google Hangouts, specialising in the UK and Western European business arena. I also provide tuition to prepare students for the IELTS examination.

EnglishProtutor is an online eLearning initiative designed to provide a cost-effective and flexible solution to your English learning needs.

Summary of Services:

  • IELTS training course (Academic)
  • Standard structured English lesson
  • Website translation into Word-perfect English
  • Document proofreading and translation to English
  • Improve your writing skills lesson
  • Job interview technique course
  • Curriculum Vitae writing service
  • Voice-over service
EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


More people go more places with IELTS.

IELTS is the world's most popular, internationally recognised, English language test for higher education and global migration.

Take this intensive course for the skills you need for IELTS Academic.


The course comprises of three key areas: 1) Writing (task 1 and task 2 essays), 2) Speaking and 3) Reading, to quickly raise your English language proficiency for the IELTS Academic test.

1) Writing.

Task 1 - 5 lessons

IELTS writing task 1 lessons, advice and useful information to help you prepare successfully for task 1. Develop your skills for IELTS writing task 1 academic training paper. Learn about describing charts and graphs as well as letters for task 1.

Task 1 Band Scores and Marking Criteria. The IELTS examiner will mark you on:

  • Task Achievement (25%)
  • Coherence and Cohesion (25%)
  • Vocabulary (25%)
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy (25%)

Task 2 - 5 lessons

Success in IELTS writing task 2 is depends on using the right methods and techniques. These 5 intensive lessons include model essays, lessons, assignments and information that will develop your skills for writing task 2. These lessons will teach you how to maximise your IELTS writing task 2 band score. Topics include:

  • Essay planning
  • Determine the 4 different essay types
  • How to structure the essay
  • Thorough exploration of each paragraph element
  • How to add clauses and useful expressions
  • How to provide examples
  • Conclusion linkers

2) Speaking.

5 lessons

5 IELTS speaking lessons, providing advice and exam information to help you prepare successfully for your IELTS speaking test.Covering the 3 speaking areas:

  • IELTS Speaking Part 1 (face-to-face interview)
  • IELTS Speaking Part 2 (3-4 minutes discussion)
  • IELTS Speaking Part 3 (4-5 minute in-depth discussion)

3) Reading.

5 lessons

IELTS reading test and model answers. Develop your reading skills with these practical lessons. Topics include:

  • Improving your score
  • True of False tips with homework and model answers
  • Comprehension and speed reading advice
  • Reading question types

Total: 20 lessons.

10 lessons 60 minutes duration - writing at $20 each $200
5 lessons 45 minutes duration - speaking at $15 each $75
5 lessons 45 minutes duration - reading at $15 each $75
total:  $350

Course includes: all lesson plans in either PDF or PowerPoint format, full handwriting analysis, essay assignment marking and in-lesson reviews, practical advise about taking the IELTS tests and instructions how to contact your local test centre.

For additional course information, please contact me via email.


EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Be prepared like a profesional for your next English interview by enrolling in the online...
Job Interview Technique Course

Excellent communication and presentation skills are very often stated as the main difference when it comes to choosing the right person for the job.

But of course, there are other things that you need to get across in an interview situation - like how well you are suited for the job, your technical abilities, your ability to expand in the job and how well you're going to fit in with the rest of the team.

Ultimately however, it will be how well you express yourself in the interview and how well you answer the relevant questions that will decide the outcome.

And this is where EnglishProtutor can help you.

By attending this online course you'll ensure that you have the best chance possible of getting the best job that you are technically qualified to perform.

The course is aimed at the Upper Intermediate Level English level and consists of four, 60 minutes lessons, as follows:

Lesson 1
  • Interview vocabulary
  • Telling a little about yourself
  • Job interview questions 01 (mock interview)
Lesson 2
  • Describing yourself in an interview part 01
  • Job interview questions 02 (mock interview)
Lesson 3
  • Describing yourself in an interview part 02
  • Job interview questions 03 (mock interview)
Lesson 4
  • Dealing with problems
  • Job interview questions 04 (mock interview)
Want to take the next step and book your place?
The cost for the entire course is: $80
Please send me an email in the first instance to arrange an initial assessment.

Email: jonatec@live.co.uk


EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative



Please note the new services now available through EnglishProtutor:
  • IELTS Training Course
  • Job Interview Technique Course
  • Proofreading
  • 45 Minute Concise English Lesson

Answers to LinkedIn Quiz

June 8th 2016 Quiz - Alcohol and Work

LinkedIn Quiz:  Alcohol and Work

Vocabulary check

I’ll drink to that a phrase showing approval and agreement through a celebratory drink
Work’s ‘do’ work’s is a synonym for company and ‘do’ is an informal word for party, e.g. ‘we’re having a bit of a do tonight’
Off-site away from the work building
Function venue a place specialising in weddings and parties
light refreshments soft drinks and beer
Hors d’oeuvres snacks, French but used in English
Sit down meal usually a meal with a lot of food and a number of courses
Soft drinks drinks like lemonade and fruit juice, Spirits are sometimes referred to as hard drinks
Tipsy euphemistic term for a little drunk
Punch up informal term for fight
Perrier mineral water
In the ‘in’ thing, in fashion
Drinking culture a culture where drinking alcohol is accepted, even approved of
Fumes usually emissions from cars or factories but used in the term, to breath fumes on somebody
Alcohol ban 100% prohibition of drinking during work hours
Random alcohol and drug testing to randomly select and test staff without warning for signs of alcohol or drug presence in the blood
Hangover the negative after effect of alcohol consumption
Work days lost days of absence
Bladdered, hammered, rat arsed, wasted, wrecked, pickled all synonyms for being drunk
Brahms and List Cockney rhyming slang term for drunk but used nationally
Drunk as a lord popular idiomatic term for being drunk, not to be confused with it’s opposite, as sober as a judge
Partypooper someone who is a killjoy or no fun at parties
A round of drinks a number of drinks bought for the group of friends you are with. People normally take it in turns to buy a round, e.g. ‘whose round is it?’
A pint a unit of beer or lager; you can also half a pint which may also be contracted to ‘a half.’


June 29th 2016 Quiz - Dress Code

LinkedIn Quiz:  Dress Code

Vocabulary check

Accessories additional items warn such as jewellery
Stipulate to demand or require something
Bathing costume something worn at a swimming pool or beach
Inappropriate not suitable for the circumstances
Imposition something which is imposed, forced upon somebody
Compulsory must be done
Uniform identical clothing
Invests authority gives power to
Non-negotiable can not be negotiated
Safety equipment equipment worn to protect employees from hazards
Hard hat strong hat worn on building sites
Protective goggles glasses to protect eyes
Steel toe-capped boots boots with a reinforced steel toe cap
Heavy industry industries like shipbuilding and mining
Disciplinary action action taken against an employee for breaking rules
Formal strict, not casual
Suit pronounced soot, not sweet like suite; jacket and trousers
Smart casual an intermediate level of formality which usually means not jeans
Casual Friday every Friday, where wearing less formal clothing is permitted
Dress down dress less formally
Dress code a formal company policy on what can be worn
Neck plunge the part of a blouse that is open from the neck
Blouse female equivalent of shirt
Hem the bottom edge of a skirt or dress
Invasive something that invades privacy or rights
Laughable amusing but in a negative way, ridiculous
Enforce put into practice, use some kind of force to make it happen
Outlandish very wild, unusual and noticeable
Body piercing holes made in the body to decorate with pieces of metal and rings
Attire synonym for clothing
Common sense a commonly used phrase to describe something which is good sense and sound judgement in practical matters


September 15th 2016 Quiz - Exploring Synonyms: Moods

LinkedIn Quiz:  Exploring Synonyms: Moods

  1. Two weeks passed and I'd put Howie Abbott from my mind when Betsy called one evening as I heated a frozen dinner in my lonely apartment.
  2. Was it an isolated incident, or was there always conflict between Alex and his uncle?
  3. With the exception of a few isolated pockets of green, most of the East Coast was shaded with red, orange, or yellow, while the Midwest was a mix of greens and yellows.
  4. He actually became a suitor for Mary's hand, when the death of her husband the French king in December, left her a friendless exile.
  5. 1914 Then, too, there was the mute appeal of this small child alone and unloved in the midst of the horrors of the savage jungle.
  6. I carefully explained again what Willard Humphries related of Grasso's conversations; that he had an isolated place where he brought his victims.
  7. The oppressed clergy and peasantry regarded Valdemar as their natural deliverer; but so poor and friendless was he that the work of redemption proved painfully slow.


December 22th 2016 Quiz - Effective Sales

LinkedIn Quiz:  Effective Sales

1. Choose a synonym from the list to complete the tip box on successful selling.

01. showing self-assurance (confidence)

02. building good rapport (understanding) with people

03. being persuasive (convincing) with new or regular customers

04. showing consideration (attention) with good listening skills

05. being smartly dressed with neat grooming (care in appearance)

06. providing superior (excellent) after-sales service

07. cooperating (working well with others) within a sales team

2. Match the sales ideas from A to their meaning in B

1. Follow-through E. Make contact after the sale is finished
2. Network the market G. Research, profile and make contact with new customers
3. Make sales calls B. Visit or phone customers
4. Do cold calling J. Visit or call a customer unannounced
5. Overcome objections F. Deal successfully with customer worries
6. Log visits and calls C. Keep a record of customer contact
7. Establish a target D. Set a goal
8. Over promise, exaggerate A. Say something that isn’t true or realistic
9. Follow-up H. Do something 100% for the customer
10. Prospect a customer I. Make new contacts for potential clients

3. Number the sales tips and steps in a logical order

1. Set up an appointment with the client.

2. Identify and analyse needs.

3. Write a sales proposal.

4. State your sales pitch with a Unique Selling Point.

5. Clarify features and benefits. Give the customer a General Benefit Statement.

6. Give alternatives.

7. Don’t rush the sale.

8. Deal with rejection.

9. Negotiate with the customer.

10. Recap the agreement.

11. Follow-up on the Service Level Agreement.

4. Choose the best word to finish each sentence

A. Good selling is all about relationship (friendship/ relationship/ connection) building.

B. Your product or service should be adaptable (adaptable/ changeable/ variable) to meet the needs of each customer.

C. The sales manager and the customer have an intense discussion (conversation/ negotiation/ discussion) to agree on the details of the contract.

D. We always aim to give a long-term commitment (promise/ decision/ commitment) to every customer.


June 14th 2017 Quiz - Family Friendly Relocation

LinkedIn Quiz:  Family Friendly Relocation

Vocabulary check

Candidate profiles information and reports about candidates Senior selection- the recruitment of people to the highest positions Global mobility - moving jobs around the world
Rung the word for a step on a ladder
Career ladder metaphor for career progress
Culture shock shock and stress caused by suddenly being exposed to a very different culture
Psychometric tests tests that measure character and personality Cultural adaptation - the process of being able to adjust to a new culture Appointment - being formally given a job
Compensation payment of money in return for a sustained loss
Job search a general term covering a range of activities in finding a job Red tape - common informal term for government bureaucracy Prospective schools- possible schools to considered
Stuck out on a limb informal idiom meaning to be disconnected or isolated Community
Liaison officer someone who manages interaction with the community
Ex-pats common term for people living and work in a country other than their own
Confidential counselling private and discreet counselling support
PC common abbreviation for politically correct
Hard-nosed objective and cold; thinking practically rather than emotionally


EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Карпова Маргарита, Консультант SAP BW, Москва, Россия

"Занимаюсь с Кеном английским примерно чуть меньше полугода. Так как мой уровень английского на тот момент был чуть выше среднего – мои пожелания касательно занятий были поддерживать данный уровень, развивать больше навыки speaking, изучать грамматику, расширять словарный запас и в дальнейшем использовать его на практике. Занятия всегда были интересными, так как Кен выбирал наиболее подходящие для меня темы для обсуждения, тексты и вопросы (заранее поинтересовавшись, какие области мне больше всего нравятся), а также эффективными на мой взгляд, так как мы успевали сделать упражнения разного типа (более творческие, упражнения «на подумать», логические). Каждый урок начинался с 5 минутного повторения недавно пройденного материала, что, как мне кажется, лучше всего помогает закрепить изученный материал. Конечно, построение занятий индивидуально и зависит от конкретного ученика, я лишь хочу сказать, что Кен принял во внимание мои пожелания и организовал занятия наиболее эффективным для меня образом, за что ему большое спасибо.

Однако последние 1,5 месяца мы занимались исключительно подготовкой IELTS. Так как сроки были максимально сжаты, готовиться пришлось в спешке. Что мне больше всего понравилось – это то, что несмотря на нехватку времени мы успели изучить наиболее важные аспекты необходимые для сдачи экзамены (writing & speaking), которые намного облегчили дальнейшую подготовку. Материал давался постепенно, поэтому полученные знания структурированно укладывались и не успевали перемешиваться в голове. После каждого занятия Кен присылал домашнее задание, которое необходимо было выполнить до следующего урока. И я всегда получала отклик и конструктивную критику в ответ (на мой взгляд одна из важнейших черт преподавателя). Также Кен был всегда доступен по почте, поэтому при возникновении каких-либо вопросов ответ я получала довольно быстро.

На мой взгляд, Кен ответственно относится к своей работе, прислушивается к ученикам и интересно проводит занятия, что очень важно в изучении иностранного языка."

Сиденко Роман, инженер, Владивосток, Россия

"Обращаясь к преподавателю, я хотел получить акцент на морфологические особенности языка (смысловые оттенки синонимов), фонетику звучания и различного рода лексические конструкции. Имея некое представление о литературном языке, я задался целью расширения своих устных лингвистических способностей.

Берусь утверждать, что Кен в полной мере покрывает эти области как в нашем с ним живом общении (skype), так и при проверке моих домашних текстов, которые каждый раз возвращаются мне с его обширными комментариями и лингвистическими ремарками.

Кен активно предлагает вариации интересующих меня направлений курса, но одновременно гибок и открыт к моим рекомендациям. Так или иначе в результате его усилий я получаю наиболее оптимальный для себя подход.

Помимо всего, Кен приятен в общении как собеседник, обладает чувством юмора и применяет различного рода емкие вставки по поводу культурных особенностей англоговорящих стран.

Я могу смело рекомендовать его усердным, устремленным, ищущим открытий и лингвистических освоений людям. Этот человек будет стоить вашего времени."

Olexandr L'olya, Commercial Central buyer SUN InBev Ukraine

" Со своей стороны я бы хотел предоставить четкую рекомендацию принять участие в обучении с Кеннетом, в частности для людей, который работают с Англоговорящими партнерами. Которые планируют поездки заграницу, для специалистов в IT сфере, с целью улучшения языковых навыков. Также для детей с целью общения с носителем языка. Можете быть уверены на 100%, что финальные навыки по Английскому языку будут значительно улучшены. Такого результата вы никогда не достигните с нашими местными (не носителями языка) преподавателями. "

Anzhela Stashchak, Head of the International Department – Kharkiv National Medical University/KNMU, Ukraine
"I would like to recommend Ken as the high-skilled teacher. His lessons are always very informative and planned. That makes it easier to understand the material and remember everything. It is also obvious that native speaker pays attention not only for general things like grammar and vocabulary, but can thoroughly analyze the pronunciation and help improve it."
Evgenia Likhodumova, Spare parts Buyer CEE (InBev), Moscow, Russian Federation
"Искренне рекомендую Кеннета в качестве преподавателя английского и носителя языка. Его уроки всегда насыщенны и разнообразны. Кеннет ответственно относится к своим урокам, с педантичностью продумывает ход урока, его сопровождение всеми необходимыми учебными материалами. То, что он имеет большой опыт работы в IT-сфере, позволяет его урокам быть продуманными с технической точки зрения, он пользуется самыми современными и разнообразными ресурсами Интернета чтобы сделать уроки разнообразными и интересными. Компетентен в бизнес-английском, поскольку имеет соответствующий опыт работы."
Наташа Пороша, детский анестезиолог, ОДИКБ, Ukraine
"Hi! Ken Jones is my Private English Teacher. I have been studying English 9 months, recently online. From the very first I've enjoyed my lessons, because Ken is interesting and presents information in a useful way for me. His lessons are all different, easy to understand and to remember. My English has become better. It is better evidence of qualifications of my Teacher."
EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Areas of difficulty for Russian speakers
Consonant noises - sounds; a brief lesson on pronunciation for the Russian speaker.
Some common problem areas for Russian speakers:
t d
ten den
try dry
latter ladder
whiter wider
bent bend
mate made
l r
load road
lice rice
liver river
fly dry
belly berry
There's no "th" sound in the Russian alphabet. So it's particularly difficult for Russian speakers.
th d
they day
there dare
thy die
then den
southern sudden
Russian speakers often have a confusion between "w" and "v".
w v
west vest
went vent
wary vary
wiper viper
Question Tags. Russian speakers tend to intonate down, but actually we need to intonate up when we ask a question.
Our voice goes up when we are asking a genuine, positive question - with a question tag, when we are not sure of the answer.
You're not married, are you?
Our voice goes down when we are making a comment.
More examples..
It's really warm, isn't it?
We are going to wait for him, aren't we?
It was a great game, wasn't it?
Terry lives near there, doesn't he?
This article was an excerpt from an EnglishProtutor lesson on pronunciation skills. Hope you enjoyed. If you are interested in joining an online class to improve your speaking and pronunciation skills, just email me for an initial assessment interview at: jonatec@live.co.uk
EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


More on the teaching techniques used

A normal lesson (Structured English) covers all aspects of the English language learning process; reading, writing (including dictation and punctuation), speaking, listening, viewing (including film reviews), comprehension. Lesson plans may contain elements of grammar and homework.

  • Most online language schools offer a 45 minute lesson, my main English lessons last a full academic 1 hour.
  • The time is divided between different exercises and activities so the student's interest is maintained throughout.
  • Yes the lesson is casual and informal, but it can also be quite intensive and hard work.
  • Usually the lesson begins with an initial warm up exercise.
  • Next it may be necessary to briefly discuss homework and/or vocabulary from the previous lesson.
  • After this the main lesson content, which will be different every lesson. Sometimes a video clip and comprehension, perhaps a debate with new vocab, or a grammar lesson, or perhaps a role play.
  • Debates. I use an unconventional technique when teaching debates, which I can mention in a separate document, but I’ve witnessed dramatic improvements in English from my students as a result!
  • Extensive use of the communicative language teaching (CLT), or the communicative approach, which is an approach to language teaching that emphasises interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of study:
    • An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language.
    • The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation.
    • The provision of opportunities for learners to focus, not only on language but also on the learning process itself.
    • An enhancement of the learner’s own personal experiences as important contributing elements to group learning.
    • An attempt to link class language learning with language activities outside the class.
  • The last half of the lesson (time permitting) consists of reading through an English book, which has been carefully selected according to student levels. With this; I read a sentence, the student then listens to pronunciation, stress and intonation and repeats the sentence, I correct as necessary. The next student will read and so on until the paragraph is complete then I check that everyone understands all key words and phrases.
  • I encourage all students to maintain their own dictionary of definitions.
  • After each lesson I email all students the lesson plan in PDF form, together with any teacher’s notes and exercise answers.

It seems the teaching industry is progressing more towards online teaching. Skype for example works fine for a one-to-one chat, but for a small group of four it doesn’t make optimum use of the available bandwidth, so I use Google Hangouts which is both reliable and better optimised for video conferencing. Screen sharing is really easy so that you can view all lesson notes and books easily. It’s easy to join subsequent lessons - just one click, at the agreed time of course.

What’s needed…..?

  • Preferably a computer or laptop, rather than a smartphone or tablet
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Good internet connection
EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Service prices
Service Cost
Improve your writing skills (45 minutes):

Practical literacy writing skills, including - handwriting; typing; filling in forms; writing letters and reports; format and style; building paragraphs; dictation; punctuation and sentence construction; essays; short film reviews; reports; business presentations; homework.

$18 USD per lesson
45 Minute Concise English Lesson:

Including - reading; writing (including dictation and punctuation); speaking; listening and pronunciation correction; comprehension and understanding; English grammar and lesson homework. Teaching techniques include - conversation practice; debate speaking exercises; stress and intonation; vocabulary exercises; Kahoot tests; elements of Business English, including reports, presentations and letter writing; role play.

$18 USD per lesson
60 Minute Structured English Lesson:

Covering all aspects of the English language learning process - reading; writing (including dictation and punctuation); speaking; listening and pronunciation correction; viewing (including short film reviews); comprehension and understanding foreign English speakers; English grammar and lesson homework. Teaching techniques include - conversation practice; debate speaking exercises; dramatic dialogue, stress and intonation; vocabulary exercises; online aides such as Kahoot; elements of Business English, including reports, presentations and letter writing; role play. Special attention given to Russian speakers and associated speaking difficulties.

$24 USD per lesson
Job Interview Technique Course

Be prepared like a profesional by enrolling in for the online Resume and Job Interview Technique Course. Excellent communication and presentation skills are very often stated as the main difference when it comes to choosing the right person for the job. The course is aimed at the Upper Intermediate Level English level and consists of four, 60 minutes English lessons.

Curriculum Vitae Writing; Full Service:

Including initial consultation via Skype, CV returned as both Word and PDF documents.

$40 USD per CV
Curriculum Vitae; Subsequent Edit:

Subsequent CV editing, including further online consultation.

$10 USD per change

Voice-over (off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a service offerred where a voice—that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic)—is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations.

$20 USD per hour
Basic text proofreading and translation to English:

A great service for early drafts. You will receive feedback on things like organization, clarity, tone, and revisions for word choice, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, typos, and other language errors.

$5 USD per 1000 characters
Technical proofreading and translation to English:

Essentially the same as for basic translation but for technical documents, eg. medical, engineering, scientific, mathematical.

$8 USD per 1000 characters
IELTS Intensive training course (Academic):

IELTS is the world's most popular, internationally recognised, English language test for higher education and global migration. Take this intensive 20 lesson course for the skills you need for IELTS Academic.

$350 USD
Secure Payment methods:

Students pay in advance using a simple system of credits. So, if you miss a lesson, there's no charge.

EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Curriculum vitae writing service
a specialist skill area

If you're in one of the many specialised career fields where a Curriculum Vitae is traditionally utilised, then you know your career documents need to contain much more detail than a standard resume. My Curriculum Vitae skills span many years experience crafting detailed, yet concise and effective CV's. I can work with you to organize and polish your information, showing you the most efficient way to organise and highlight your education, skills, professional experience, research and teaching experience, publications, grants and fellowships, professional associations and licenses, awards and other information relevant to your situation.

Whether your need a CV to land a new job, or are applying for fellowships or grants, my skilled and experienced business writing know how to tackle the enormous task of organising your career data and crafting it into an effective and dynamic Curriculum Vitae. My CV service includes an initial consultation over the internet via Skype. Contact me for more details.

EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Studying English online is the future

Technological advances and the internet are changing the way we live, offering us new interactive means of communication that make geographical distance virtually irrelevant. Many schools and universities are already helping their students to study English online with interesting tutors from around the world. In the future, it is not hard to imagine that more lessons will be taught via the internet than in the traditional classroom. But why study English online?

If you study English online you save you time and enjoy more flexibility. If you live in a large city, it probably takes you at least an hour to travel to and from work each day. Attending a private language school after work will mean you return home exhausted at 22.00-23.00. Being tired during lessons means you are not 100% focused and remember less. In contrast, when you study online you receive English lessons with a native British teacher in the comfort of your own home or office. You can choose the days and times of your classes and your study timetable can be made more flexible to fit in with your busy lifestyle.
Effective communication is the key if you want to learn how to speak English correctly. Once you have acquired a basic knowledge of the language, it is time to consider taking English lessons with a native speaker. Many cities have few qualified native English teachers but if you study online this is not a problem because you have instant access to a trained TEFL-certified teacher from the UK.
When choosing the right English course, money is often an important factor. My plan is simple and offers the best value for money when compared with other online and private schools in your area. Let’s compare…
  • Group classes in large cities (e.g. Moscow) cost approximately 130-450 GBP per month (x2 lessons of 90 mins per week) depending on whether or not your teacher is a native speaker. You will be just 1 of 10-15 students in a group class of this type and will receive little individual attention from your teacher. I can offer one-to-one lessons - you receive 100% attention.
  • Individual classes in big cities (e.g. Moscow) cost 14-22 GBP with a non-native teacher and 30-40 GBP with a native speaker per academic hour (45 mins). This may be less in smaller towns but finding a native English speaker can be very problematic. My charges start at just £13 GBP (or $18 USD) , online lesson regardless of your location.
  • Pricing policy differs between schools, but the vast majority charge more for business English and exam preparation. I think you should pay for the time you actually spend studying and not to be penalised by paying higher prices for specialised courses. My system offers you simple flat rates for all online English lessons requirements.
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Business English topics
Business Skills Bank
  • Basics
  • Emailing
  • Meetings
  • Numbers
  • Presentations
  • Project management
  • Socialising
  • Telephoning
  • Dress code
  • Punctuality
Business Basics
  • Business writing
  • Business reading
  • Business listening
  • Business vocabulary
  • Ordering a service or product
  • Making suggestions
  • Taking an order
  • Comparing products and services
  • A job interview
  • Office procedures
  • Asking for help around the office
Business Oral Communication
  • Role plays
  • Surveys
  • Debates
  • Business meetings
  • Case studies
Business Written Communication
  • Writing a full report
  • Write a full presentation
  • Writing and responding to emails
  • Agendas and minutes for meetings
Business Documents
  • Websites
  • Magazines and newspaper articles
  • Advertisements
  • Forms
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Packaging
  • Menus, business travel guides
Business Focus
  • Is it OK to lie in a job interview?
  • Making a start
  • Planning the future
  • The case against unemployment
  • Who can you trust?
  • Controversies in business English
Business Life
  • Playing the game
  • Company structure
  • Company profile
  • Situations vacant
  • Restructuring
  • Moving premises
Business Tasks
  • Introduction to the series
  • Chance and opportunity
  • Decisions
  • Notes and messages
  • Problems and difficulties
  • Studying and learning
  • Success and failure
  • Work and responsibilities
Business Language
  • Extreme makeover
  • Get a slimmer model
  • It's a numbers game
  • Metaphorically speaking
  • Sensational sales
  • Text appeal
  • Unnatural selection
Business Teaching Approaches
  • First lessons
  • Inter-cultural training
  • Needs analysis
Business Activities
  • Phone calls and phone conferences
  • TV newspaper
  • Meeting and greeting people
  • Interaction with reception staff
  • Interaction with IT staff
  • Social occasions (dinners, drinks etc)
EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative



Learning online - the process
a new way to learn English

With an online English class you can speak to your teacher in English from day one, improving your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. Live conversation master class without ever leaving home. There is no enrolment fee and there is no permanence clause.


  • Take lessons at home if the weather is bad.
  • On the move; connect in a cafe with WiFi.
  • In another country, just get an internet connection.
  • On holiday on the beach.
  • Use laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone.
EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


What is TEFL?
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

TEFL refers to teaching English to students whose first language is not English. TEFL usually occurs in the student's own country, either within the state school system, or privately, e.g., in an after-hours language school or with a tutor. TEFL teachers may be native or non-native speakers of English.

EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


How to improve your English

In my experience as an online English Instructor as well as a class teacher, I’ve come across many second language students that have lots of questions about learning online.

Learning outside of class?

Most English students, including international professionals and graduate students, ask this question. It can be hard to make significant progress if you take a class just once per week for 1 hour.

However, if your life at work and at home is busy, it’s important to find a way to make English a part of your daily life. This is the advantage of learning online.

Speak to the tutor outside of the class?

A lot of English language learners feel comfortable speaking English with a tutor or studying with a book but when it comes to really speaking and interacting with Native speakers new language learners of using English, often don’t feel comfortable.

It’s time to change that! By getting out and using English in everyday situations going shopping , joining a sports team, or just asking for directions its important to use English and not just study English.

Take a tip - verb conjugations

Verb conjugation refers to how a verb changes to show a different person, tense, number or mood. In English, we have 6 different persons:

  • first person singular (I)
  • second person singular (you)
  • third person singular (he/she/it/one)
  • first person plural (we)
  • second person plural (you)
  • third person plural (they)

The absolute worst thing you can do is try to learn all English verb conjugations at once. And yet, just recently, I got an email from a frustrated student who is also taking private English lessons from a Ukrainian native speaker. The woman is not only making him learn all conjugations right from the start, she's chiding him for not having written them down… for not having mastered them. That really frustrates me because, yes, native speakers are often experts, of course, at speaking English. But that does NOT in any way make them experts at teaching it. The fact is, conjugations should be learned gradually. One at a time. Do it that way and learning will be much easier.

Why use a native English speaker?

Speaking "like a native" of any language means more than just knowing vocabulary and grammar. Many educated foreign speakers speak better formal English than, say, many Americans or British or Australians. But formal English is only one aspect of the language. Knowing instantly; what slang means, what cultural references mean, how to reduce syntax to a bare minimum and still convey precise meaning — all these things, and more, are what constitute native speech.

No matter how good the English Teachers are in your own country, there is no comparison with someone who has grown up and been educated in England and speaks with a neutral English accent.

EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative


Hello, my name is Ken. I am a native English speaker from Oxford, England. I now live in Kharkov in the Ukraine with my Ukrainian wife. I'm a TEFL qualified English Teacher working part-time at a local Ukrainian school, teaching 9, 10 and 11th grade students. I also have private students, mostly professionals wanting to improve their conversational English.

I also have a computer science diploma and a business background spanning over 25 years. So although I can teach all aspects of the English language, I tend to specialise in English for Business, covering all aspects of business communication concentrating on the UK and Western Europe business world.

So, why use a native speaker? No matter how good the English Teachers are in your country, there is no comparison with someone who has grown up and been educated in England and speaks with a neutral English accent. I look forward to raising your level of English.

If you would like the convenience of learning English online, please contact me in the first instance by email (Ken Jones) to arrange for an initial assessment.

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Email: jonatec@live.co.uk

EnglishProtutor, an online eLearning initiative